How do I write pages?

Avail yourself of one of the templates here:

Switch page template

Keyboard page template

Edit these pages and copy and paste the entire contents to your new page. You can create a new page from the root of each category or from the homepage. Alternatively, you can type the page in the search box and you'll be offered the chance to create it. Pages always have a namespace, so for keyboards you'd want to do something like keyboard:my_cool_keyboard or switch:my_cool_switch in the search box.

What if I am not an expert about <subject>?

It's a wiki! Start the page and either ask for help completing it, or tag it “wip” and someone may eventually take a look at it. Don't be afraid to start a page you're not entirely sure about. The knowledge will flow eventually.

We only ask that you follow these loose guidelines:

  1. Please make sure any claims are sourced well, unless they are extremely common knowledge. You should never have to take this wiki's word, you should always be able to view a source for any information presented here for yourself.
  2. Please don't fill pages for switches with lists of keyboards that contain them. We are trying to keep the focus away from this wiki turning into a phonebook for figuring out what switch a keyboard has. Pages for switches are concerned only with the switch itself, not with keyboards that may use it.
  3. Please don't put opinions into a page, for example “x is highly regarded” or “some say that x is the best y ever”.
  4. Stay on topic! For example, the DT wiki page for Alps SKCM Blue starts talking about its clones. If you're off the topic of the page, please create a new one.
  5. Make sure any new page you create has a link to it from at least one other page, or is tagged appropriately to appear in the category masterpages.
  6. Please don't directly link to eBay listings as sources. If you're going to do this, archive it with and link to the archive. eBay listings are fleeting!

Remember all pages need a namespace, so your red links should anticipate the namespace something will be in. For example, for a red link like Cherry MX Peach your link would look like:

[[switch:cherry_mx_peach|Cherry MX Peach]]

A link like the following wouldn't automatically link when the page is eventually created:

[[Cherry MX Peach]]